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About Us

Our company provides high return managed accounts service with unparalleled features for the clients utilizing recent technological innovations and responding to the ever higher investor expectations. Since the first day we have put the most emphasis on safety, on balanced performance and on customer support. We provide services which approach investment from the natural demands of the clients.

Through our high result portfolio you may significantly reduce the risk of your high return new generation investment that bears benefits unparalleled. The bases of the investment come form the possibilities offered by the markets, especially by the market; with us you too may profit from these possibilities and achieve returns that have only been available to institutional investors before.

For developing our services first we have examined the needs and desires of the investors, and found that the following aspects are the most important: safety, high returns, transparent operation, liquidity, professional expertise and low costs.

Our Trading strategy

There is no magical approach to successful Forex Trading. Our trading strategy is a combination of capital preservation techniques, continuous market scanning, and in-depth analysis.

By putting a lot of thought and effort into risk mitigation prior to market entry, we create an agile trade plan that gives us the ability to maneuver and benefit from changing market conditions swiftly. In parallel, our professional team of certified market technicians and analysts gives us insight into trading opportunities as they arise around the clock.

we create a tailor-made plan for every managed investment to fit the investor’s expectations, risk tolerance, and initial capital.


Market Analysis

Creating Opportunities

Our team actively scans and analyzes the market around the clock looking for new trade opportunities using different methods of market analysis, technical, fundamental, intermarket, geometric, price action, and order flow analysis. We mainly trade currencies (Spot FX) and metals.

Trade Planning

Acting Ahead of Market

Once opportunities are identified, trade planning starts, and that’s when our analysts work closely with our risk managers to run advanced scenario analysis and define actions for each scenario.


Entry & Exit

Timing Matters

Finding the right entry and exit points is crucial to achieve ultimate results and optimize the trade profitability. Entry and exit prices could be split into different levels to maintain low risk while aiming for high profits.

Position Sizing

There is No “One Size Fits All” in market

The position sizing is an essential part of the pre-trade risk management. The position sizing is determined based on the account capital size, the investor’s risk tolerance, and the market conditions. Therefore, it’s tailored for each account individually.


Risk Management

Always ​Prepared

This post-entry risk management is an ongoing process until the exit of the trade. Our risk managers rely on information provided by market analysts about all market changing factors, including economic releases, geopolitical updates, and order flow analysis of the interbank market.

Continuous Monitoring

Markets Never Sleep, Neither do We!

Our professional traders are monitoring our investor’s managed accounts around the clock. For extra vigilance, the monitoring process involves electronic alerts that never blink.


Trading Tools

We are Fully Equipped

We trade Manually and automatic , but we understand the importance of technology in Forex trading nowadays and we utilize it to enhance our performance, using proprietary custom indicators, pattern recognition, risk management, and risk analysis software.

Our Team

Executive Team

Mostapha adams

Founder and CEO

Steven Damon


Luke Heaven

Algorithmic Trading Developer

Lina Smith

Algorithmic Trading Developer


Mathew Hill

Algorithmic Trading Developer

Alexander Fray


Peter Green

Risk Manager

Mark Straw

Financial analyst

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We offer our service to investors of almost any size of initial capital, and all accounts receive the same amount of time, effort, and attention regardless of the account size. Therefore, Monthly Performance vary based on the account size to compensate for the used resources to manage each account.




Initial Investment

Monthly Performance : 15-20%

Management Fee: 1%
Lockup Period: 0 Days
Withdrawal Notice: 1 Days
Fee Payment: Monthly



Initial Investment

Monthly Performance : 30-35%

Management Fee: 2%
Lockup Period: 0 Days
Withdrawal Notice: 1 Days
Fee Payment: Monthly



Initial Investment

Monthly Performance : 50-60%

Management Fee: 3%
Lockup Period: 0 Days
Withdrawal Notice: 1 Days
Fee Payment: Monthly

Get your investment Account Managed

You can have your investment Account managed within few hours, in three simple steps


Let’s Talk

Discuss your needs and expectations

At this stage we will listen to you, answer your questions, and reach an initial agreement that meets your requirements.

Open an Account

With us for completed contract investment

after talking about your investment we send you contract of investment

Let’s Trade

According to your rules

last step you send us your investment to account company to start investing in market we send you every week statement to show our order




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Mostfunds investment provide you with a discretionary managed trading service using proprietary trading strategies. Trading in leveraged investments may not be suitable for all investors as they involve a high degree of risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Prior to choosing whether or not to trade in the foreign exchange market, you ought to thoroughly reflect on the goals of your investment, your degree of expertise, and your tolerance to risk.